What is biomedicine and why study it?

Why study biomedicine?

Become bioengineers and bioinformatics who understand the basic principles of functioning of living systems and are ready to work in promising interdisciplinary areas on the border of biology and medicine. Develop personalized medicine technologies that can quickly and cheaply describe a patient's genome. Develop an application that monitors the patient's medical condition. Understand the principles of imaging technologies that can look inside the human body in real time and diagnose diseases with the help of artificial intelligence. Find the connection between the causes, course and consequences of diseases, and design new drugs as bioinformatics using a huge database of conducted clinical studies. Modern medicine relies on technology - be the one to push the boundaries of modern medical care!

Our graduates ...

work in centers of excellence, specialized companies and operating theaters.
are respected interpreters of bioinformatics data.
develops new technologies in specialized medical companies.
will shake your hand in the directorates of start-up companies.
are experts in the processing of biomedical signals and images.

Study biomedicine